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Early experiments

My early experiments on musicographics started in the style of hörpartiturs of Rainer Wehinger, as you can see in the first picture. I found this way of notating sound as a great tool for transcribing material or visualizing different aspects of a given music.

The problem with this method was that, it almost resembled traditional notation in terms of amount of information at a given time. I was aiming for a representation also suitable for improvisation, ultimately interpretation.

So another perspective I tried in this sense was to purely use symbols. Though this was great for interpretation, a musicographic of this kind lacked any artistic flow to represent musical information. In the meanwhile I have also tried transcribing melodies in the style of Wehinger. I also tried to make smaller scale scores based on the style of Kandinsky as well.

I am still working to find a middle ground between a good representation, artistic value and a good enough space for interpretation.

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