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Building Experiments #2 "De Rotterdam" (Adnan Dura)

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

The next edition of building experiments took place at the Rotterdam towers right next to the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam.

In this experiment, I have written a composition based on the functions of the different sections of the building thus, creating a suite made of 7 parts.

In the composition, I wanted to show the contrast between the building and the people using it. So, I came out with a duo piece where the piano had the role of representing the building as a structure and where the alto saxophone is representing the human flow throughout the building.

The tone selections for the piece was made to reflect the design restrictions of the building as well. I have chosen 5 pitches and tried to juxtapose them as much as possible to create a similar effect the architect Rem Koolhaas has created in his design.

Big thanks to the Utrecht conservatory HKU for the performance space. Adnan Dura ( on the alto saxophone.

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