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Building Experiments #1 (Adnan Dura)

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

I have finally started my experiments with Rotterdam based alto saxophonist and composer Adnan Dura. In this series of experiments, I will be composing solo pieces for the alto saxophone in order to try and structure a language for the instrument.

Our first experiment with Adnan was to try out short (1-2 minutes), sight-readable, low information pieces. I have written these two pieces based on two distinct buildings:

Steven Holl's Bellevue museum in Washington, USA and Gaudi's Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain. The main difference between the two scores is that the Belleveu piece is strictly in time while the Casa Mila piece is based on ornaments and accelerandos.

Casa Mila, Barcelona by Gaudi

"Casa Mila" for solo alto saxophone, Murat Ali Cengiz

Bellevue Museum, Washington by Steven Holl

"Bellevue" for solo alto saxophone, Murat Ali Cengiz

The next step I am going to take now is to create more detailed scores based on Rem Koolhaas' iconic buildings in Rotterdam. Keep posted.

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