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4th Istanbul Design Biennial, Automata

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Automata* is a collective I have founded, consisting of improvising musicians and designers that work together to create conceptual graphic scores and musical compositions. It aims to create a structured language for an interdisciplinary dialog between designers and musicians based on the universal language of design principles and shape grammars.

With this experimental approach, Automata aims to remap events, ideas, concepts, urban spaces and buildings as timeline graphics and music. Automata hopes to start a dialog on basic design concepts and their interchangeability between music and design professions while pointing out to the soundscape we live in. It proposes to ask the questions:

Can the designer learn to play with ideas, instinctively like a musician? And can an improvising musician learn to plan on a bigger scale like a designer? Can a dialogue between the two help invoke new perspectives of time to their respective professions? Can we start this dialogue with graphic scores?

Below is an installation we have made for the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial this year. Based on the sculpture score architect Efe Kağan Hizar, one of the founders of Studio Vertebra ( has made on the theme of "Crisis", I have made musicographics and composed a string quartet piece.

* The collective currently consists of members coming from highly interdisciplinary backgrounds: founder and leader: musician/architect Murat Ali Cengiz, Funda Yildirim (Cognitive Scientist), Erdogan Cem Evin (musician/computer engineer), musician Giuseppe Doronzo (baritone saxophone) and architect Efe Kagan Hızar *

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